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Case Study 3

Management training Programmes - Kaspersky


Kaspersky Lab are the fourth largest internet security company in the world. They have big ambitions to achieve significant growth.

As part of the strategy for achieving this goal they were in search of an organisation to act as their partner, designing and delivering leadership and management development services. DDA Consulting were chosen for this role.

Kaspersky’s rapid growth of almost 40% year on year has led to many young individual contributors being promoted into management positions without any related training. In addition, the creative entrepreneurial culture needed to adopt more processes, whilst retaining the energy and achievement orientation of those early employees. The number of employees had doubled in approximately three years. This gave rise to a lack of understanding of ‘how things work’ in the organisation.



DDA Consulting have developed a trusted partner relationship with Kaspersky. We have designed and delivered a number of programmes that are aimed at a rapid increase in the breadth and depth of management skills. These programmes are being delivered in the USA, China, Hong Kong, Germany, the UK, Malasia and Russia.

More specifically, we have provided training to address the immediate needs of the organisation, such as Change Management. We have also designed and implemented a 360 degree feedback profile against the agreed management competency framework in the largest function in the business.


Recent employee engagement surveys and training evaluation studies carried out by Kaspersky have produced exceptionally positive feedback regarding DDA Consulting programmes. Following the feedback from the first year, there is now a demand from three times the number of managers than was originally anticipated.

Approximately two months after each Leadership and Management development programme, a follow-up coaching conversation is conducted (via Skype) by the course tutors with each participant. By far the majority of managers describe real benefits from applying the learning to real work issues.

Other benefits reported are improved cross line of business relationship, improved motivation from greater involvement and increased creativity to solving management problems. Following this success we have been commissioned to support other development initiatives.

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