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Case Study 9

Individual Contributor Programmes - Oracle Personal Leadership & Influence Programme


The programme of training needed to use similar content as one of the management training modules addressing personal skills. This would maximise the value of the training by using a very similar ‘common language’ with the management programme.

The Oracle Corporation needed to create a programme of personal skills development for individual contributors who did not have any management responsibility.




The delivery of the programme was created around similar content to the first module of the management development programme.

Workshop activities on the programme were re-designed to fit the role of individual contributor. This closeness of fit enabled the participants’ manager to have very focussed discussions about the content of the programme and its application to real work situations.

This design also meant that an individual contributor later promoted to a management role could pass directly onto Module 2 of the management programme.


Post-course follow-up activities with managers of those attending the programme highlighted the value of direct reports having a ‘common language’ with respect to key issues, tools and techniques. It also significantly increased the involvement of individual contributors in decision making and problem solving.

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